Carla Guler

Carla is an international photographer based in London, with strong links in New York and Dubai. There is a fascinating playful thread that runs through Carla’s work, giving it a refreshing idiosyncratic dimension. She flips conventions of scale and perception, often throwing her subjects into alien environments and seeing what happens. The body too can be beautifully and unexpectedly contorted in both fluid and angular ways. This journey of exploration in her photography allows Carla to subtly alter the familiar with a daringly unconventional twist.

She regularly shoots for international publications such as: Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel and Hunger. Her celebrity subjects include: Helena Christensen, Olivia Palermo, Camilla Belle and Kristina Bazan Carla’s commercial clients include: Burberry, Chanel, Dior, NARS, Ted Baker, Net-A-Porter, Frank Remme and All Saints