Miriam Marlene Waldner

Miriam is a Berlin-born photographer who’s bewitching photography invites you into an enigmatic world that blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Her magical pictures shimmer with a soft hazy nostalgic glamour and the stories she explores are less guided by real experience but more by her boundless imagination. Beguiling myths interweave with distorted fairy tales and curious dreams to evoke a hauntingly cinematic aesthetic, beautifully cloaked with a sense of intimacy, sisterhood, unspoken bonds, mystery and ritual. The feelings and memories stirred up by her free-spirited childhood in Berlin have provided a fertile underpinning for her exploration as an artist, giving her work a distinctive first-person filter. For example Miriam has a twin sister whom she used as her first model. Growing up surrounded by nature is also an echo that has seeped into her images, with a great deal of her work being set outdoors using natural light, an inclination compounded further by her preference for shooting on the more organic format of film.

Editorial clients include: Vogue, I-D, BLONDE, Manrepeller, ROOKIE, INDIE cover, LIBERTINE 05 cover, RECENS Paper, Space Collective, NERO, FOXES, Intro, ME.Style, Austere. Zines: One of Miriam’s recent projects was the release of a Halloween-themed zine entitled Hell(o), which included 74 pages of collaborative illustrations, collages and new photos.

Commercial clients include: Jeffrey Campbell, Agent Provocateur, UNIF, Liebeskind Berlin/B Bag, Maximum Henry, Samantha Pleet, Miss Crofton, Charles for KLING, Manu Atelier.

Portraits include: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Sunflower Bean, Jawbones, Gurr, Tess Parks, Ariel Pink & Charlotte, John Maus, Beach Fossils, The Underground Youth, Odd Couple, Petite Meller, Soko, The Garden, Aurora.