Ivar Wigan

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Ivar was born in Scotland and raised in London, where he is still based. After studying for a Masters in History of Art at Edinburgh University he began exploring photography, instinctively taking an unconventionally immersive path. His eye for a great shot combined with his laid-back yet inquisitive approach makes for a powerful storytelling dynamic, one that takes you on a visceral journey into the unknown. His motivation is to throw a focus on his subjects and see what makes them tick. The success of this brave approach is illustrated remarkably by his two major photographic series ‘The Gods’ and ‘Young Love’, in which he offers an unfiltered glimpse into life within the music sub-cultures of the Southern States of America and Jamaica that few outsiders ever venture to see.

His skill is to reflect the characters he shoots with no imposed narrative, photographing them truthfully and intimately in real environments, affording them the rare freedom to express their side of the story. This desire to document comes from a place of curiosity, respect and admiration, with it comes a hope to dissect the myths and barriers that society has built up around minority and youth cultures.

Ivar’s searingly authentic casting and locations, along with his painterly use of colour & form, give his commercial work the same thrillingly honest edge. Having recently taken up commercial work he has already been invited to collaborate with brands such as Smirnoff and Comme de Garçons.