Google – ‘It Starts With Summer’ campaign

Commercial Licensing

By Various


Uncommon Creative Studio came to us sourcing authentic feeling images for a Google summer campaign, their wish was to reflect the togetherness and freedom we crave as we look towards the horizon with hope. We were able to reach out to our incredible global roster of photographers to pull together positive and diverse content that was alive with candid honesty and spirited optimism.


Sourced themes included anticipated Google searches such as: "can we hug now" - "when can we go out" - "best dance moves" - "where to watch the sunrise" - "how to be happy" - "is kissing safe" - "things to do outside" - "what is reopening anxiety" - "how to talk to people" - "sports clubs near me" - "how to be the best dad"


Charlie Balmer, the Producer of this Google project at Uncommon London, was a joy to work with, and her positive comments on the completion of the project on budget and within deadline made us very happy: "thank you so much for all your help - you couldn't have made this process any smoother. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with you and your team. The KINTZING images we have in the edits are beautiful.”


An eclectic collection of original KINTZING licensed images were selected and model released for the final video and billboard campaign media, with ads on TV, social media through to cinemas, and out of home in prominent locations in London and Manchester.

We are delighted to have been able to collate such inclusive and engaging original content to help create the uplifting vibe Google were looking for to inspire and connect with their audiences.

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