The Earth Issue – World Oceans Week

By Various

In celebration of World Ocean’s Day 2021 KINTZING & The Earth Issue artists have come together to share imagery around the theme of ‘Oceans’ in a special collection that reflects the need to protect our oceans; images that celebrate the beauty of this natural environment, as well as examine the different types of marine ecosystems, the threats facing them, and our human connection to marine environments…exploring how societies and communities engage with the ocean on a daily basis.

The Earth Issue is releasing 7 days of educational programming focused on marine conservation, ocean climate biodiversity, sustainability in marine industries, current news and issues, and ways to help contribute to healthier oceans and a happier planet. From 8 – 15 June 2021 they will be launching articles, infographics, and IGTV talks on these topics. Check out the programming here


Please view the special collection below, all these images are available for license, with 10% of all profits going to the Oceanic Global organisation who help empower behaviour that protects our oceans.

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